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Prospects for Work 4.0: How will we work in future?

By Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen | TU Dortmund University – It is without question that the increasing spread of digital technologies throughout the working world will cause sustainable consequences for industrial working processes. But does digitisation cause more unemployment or does it “upgrade” work? Two scenarios. »

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Transfer Projects: A Tandem Innovative Leap

By Andreas Nettsträter | Fraunhofer IML – Transferring knowledge and technology to companies is a significant pillar of the Innovationlab. So-called transfer projects aim specifically at small and medium-sized companies – and they soon pay off in many ways. »

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Research Centre

In the research centre at the Innovationlab, new methods and technologies are tested in experiments e. g. in the field of localisation and wireless communication.
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Application centre

In the application centre new methods and technologies can be demonstrated realistically in a model environment.
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