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Transfer projects bring people and technology together

By Silke Bruns | Freelance editor – People and technology work as a team in the social networked industry. In three transfer projects at the Innovationlab, companies have now been able to sound out what this looks like in practice. These have shown that employees’ acceptance of digital assistants is high – and the efficiency gain for the company is also high. »

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The more flexible the processes, the more flexible the organisation

By Andreas Nettsträter | Fraunhofer IML – Digital solutions for the purpose of work organization help to design this new form of cooperation between humans and technology in the social networked industry to be as uncomplicated and natural as possible for the staff. The focus is on developing an »intelligent shelf« that communicates with people and recognizes their stress level. »

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How hybrid services solve problems and generate business

By Andreas Nettsträter | Fraunhofer IML – Whether it is fault prevention during stock-taking, more efficient receiptless deliveries or anticipatory maintenance: small and medium-sized companies from all over Germany are currently sounding out the potential for hybrid services in new transfer projects at the Innovationlab – under special consideration of human-technology interaction. »

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Improve Processes and Ergonomics with »MotionMining«

By Sascha Feldhorst | Fraunhofer IML – Within the context of the MotionMiners start-up initiative at Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, research demonstrates how machines can support people meaningfully. Automated activity recognition will improve both processes and ergonomics in intralogistics ­– a benefit for companies and employees alike. »

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Research Centre

In the research centre at the Innovationlab, new methods and technologies are tested in experiments e. g. in the field of localisation and wireless communication.
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Application centre

In the application centre new methods and technologies can be demonstrated realistically in a model environment.
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