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»Like it«: How humans and technology share information

By Arkadius Schier and Timo Erler | Fraunhofer IML – One approach of the vision behind Social Networked Industry is to use social networks as organisational platforms for humans and technology. If communication between humans and machines is going to work through such networks, it is important to have a common understanding of information. »

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From smartglasses to drones: Where Logistics 4.0 becomes possible

By Arkadius Schier | Fraunhofer IML – IThe research and application centres form two testing grounds which, due to their full-scale digitization (»100% digitised factory but not empty of people«) can, for the first time, comprehensively explore, evaluate and further develop innovations for hybrid services and man-machine-interaction in practise-oriented industrial applications. »

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People or Technology? This question is not relevant!

By Peter Ittermann and Johannes Dregger | TU Dortmund University– A significant condition for the implementation of the Industry 4.0 project in terms of comprehensive system design is a socio-technical system approach. The design-oriented approach assumes that the implementation of new technologies induces organisational and personnel changes and generally requires that the entire system of performance in production and service is considered. »

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Research Centre

In the research centre at the Innovationlab, new methods and technologies are tested in experiments e. g. in the field of localisation and wireless communication.
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Application centre

In the application centre new methods and technologies can be demonstrated realistically in a model environment.
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