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Social aspects must not be forgotten

By Matthias Werny | Union for Mining, Chemicals and Energy Industries (IG BCE) – Digitalised and networked production will have more and more impact on our daily lives. Jobs and working conditions will change. The question is how politics, science, business and society will handle this change: will they only react to what is coming, will they take it passively and just bear the consequences? »

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Logistics on the couch? Cognitive ergonomics shaping human-technology interaction

By Dr. Veronika Kretschmer | Fraunhofer IML – The employee-friendly design of Industry 4.0 systems is becoming more and more important for the success of digitisation (not only) in logistics. Currently, making improvements to the effectiveness and efficiency of human-technology systems is particularly in focus for so-called cognitive ergonomics. »

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Research live: From the lab to the »working worlds of the future«

By Carina Tüllmann | Fraunhofer IML – The Innovationlab is taking part in many activities during the Year of Science 2018 as there are various connecting points. The researchers place great emphasis on bringing »the working worlds of the future« for logis-tics and production, which have been developed »in the lab«, to the people and on entering into dialogue with them. »

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A Question of Mechanical Responsibility

By Carina Tüllmann | Fraunhofer IML – Modern technology is becoming more and more intelligent, it is mastering more and more complex tasks and even showing signs of taking on human traits. In view of this, cooperation between people and technology must be re-evaluated and redesigned. The Innovationlab Hybrid Services in Logistics wants to initiate a discourse in society as a whole about the subject of mechanical responsibility. »

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Briefly informed

Research Centre

In the research centre at the Innovationlab, new methods and technologies are tested in experiments e. g. in the field of localisation and wireless communication.
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Application centre

In the application centre new methods and technologies can be demonstrated realistically in a model environment.
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