Working out

the Future

Flexibly equipped with very few fixed test beds: In the research centre at the Innovationlab numerous autonomous actors can be combined to create temporary formations that are controlled ad-hoc and decentrally in order to perform logistics services together.


01 | Infrastructure

Motion Capturing System

Motion Capturing is a tracking process that detects any type of movement and converts it into a computer-readable format. The motion capturing system at the Innovationlab’s research centre is a state-of-the-art optical localization system and the largest installation of its kind in Europe. The system allows to locate and track people, machines and objects equipped with passive markers both on the ground (2 D) and in the air (3 D) using infrared signals.

Radio Measurement System

A network of numerous antennas is used to detect, track and analyze wireless communication processes. Thanks to the Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, all relevant frequencies, e.g. Wlan, Bluetooth or SmartHome connections can be detected within the research centre. The representation and analysis of the otherwise invisible communication of cyber-physical systems is thus made possible.

Laser  Projection System

The laser projection system allows the static and dynamic projection of virtual information, markings and symbols. In this way, communication processes between humans and technology can be made visible in both the real and the virtual world. In addition to that, situations can also be displayed that cannot be carried out in reality like for example collision scenarios.

02 | Demonstrators

Virtual Reality System

The virtual reality system turns the research centre into a holodeck of extraordinary dimensions: test users can move freely and in real-time in virtual reality within a 300 square meter room. With the help of the digital image of production sites and logistics centres, existing and future work processes and structures can be simulated and tested – especially before the actual commissioning.

Drone Swarm

Autonomous transport systems and decentralized logistics control are becoming increasingly important in logistics. The swarm of drones in the research centre of the Innovationlab navigates in a three-dimensional space and recognizes the correct flight path as well as potential obstacles independently. The drones are located by the motion capturing system.

Automated guided Transport Robot System

In tomorrow’s customized production, decentralized logistics control and rigid structures will be a thing of the past. The transport robot system in the research centre consists of automated guided transport vehicles and mobile shelves. The automated guided transport robot system is equipped with a lifting device and can therefore transport mobile racks.