There is a lot of buzz about disruptive aspects of advanced automation and robotics in labour, especially industrial work. However, there is less awareness about the importance and newest achievements in the interaction between man and machine. What benefits do we get in designing improved solutions based on latest technology? How seamless can an interface between us, humans, and machine be? Last, but not least, how does it feel? The new concept of Social Networked Industry comes into play by bringing together connected industry (Industry 4.0, Internet of Things) with connected people (Social Networks).

As part of the Technology Experience Series on Man-Machine Interaction, Fraunhofer gives you the opportunity to test two latest developments from our research project Innovationlab Hybrid Services in Logistics at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics. The event is taking place on June 14th at the Fraunhofer EU-Office Brussels.

With the evolution towards a Social Networked Industry, they follow the idea of connected digital logistics and production in socio-technical systems. The AR demonstrator focuses on humans as central elements of the packaging process in logistics and how they can be supported by digital assistants. The VR demonstrator shows how workers from shopfloor level and logistics planners will design new production facilities together and in addition qualifies workers for new processes.

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